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Being tall, dark and handsome may not be a prerequisite for achieving immortality, but for Adrian Paul, it hasn't hurt. As star of "Highlander: The Series," the syndicated action-fantasy TV show based on the big-screen trilogy of the same name, the raven-haired actor, 38, plays Duncan MacLeod , a brooding, 400-year-old Scottish nobleman and "immortal" who swashbuckles his way through the centuries, offing bad guys.

*Born: May 29, 1959

*Born and raised in London, England, Adrian Paul boasts a colorful background. Born of an Italian mother and a British father, he first became a model, then a dancer and choreographer in Europe. He is well-traveled and speaks English, French, and Italian fluently.

In 1985, he left Europe and came to the United States to pursue a career in modeling or dance. Even though he had studied Shakespeare and performed in school plays when he was younger, acting was not a focus. Shortly after his arrival in America, he was urged to audition for roles as an actor. His first role came on the ABC television series, "The Colbys" as the Russian expatriate ballet dancer, Kolya. This led to a role in the Broadway play "Bouncers" in 1987 and to a guest appearance on the television show "Beauty and the Beast" in 1988. His first film appearance was in the 1989 film "Last Rites" with Tom Berenger.

He went on to have a starring role in the Roger Corman film, "Masque of the Red Death", a re-telling of the Edgar Allen Poe tale. He appeared in a regular role in the second season of the television series "War of the Worlds" and made a pilot for CBS Television for a series called "The Owl". In 1992, he was cast in the role that would bring him to the most prominence to date. . .that of Duncan MacLeod in the syndicated series, "Highlander". *Biography written by.. Jimmi Smith-Schneider

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Picture Time *VBG*

*wholf whislte* Man alive...LOL

Why so serious Mac?
honest Mac...It wasn't my fault
Mac it's okay I want to kiss you *sheepsih grin*
What a smile *S*
Now you change your mind...LOL *VBG* yes I'm playin' hard to get this time..*S*
Duncan I'll always love you! yes that's right I will *S* Is isn't he just to sexy when he's the evil Duncan

Adrian Paul's Credits

1986-87 - TV Series "THE COLBYS"

Adrian's first major break. He appeared in this "Dynasty" spin off series playing Russian ballet dancer Nikolai Rostov. The role was loosely based on the Baryshnikov character in the film "White Knights," who defected to the U.S. to escape the Communist regime. Unfortunately, the series ended with Adrian's appearance limited to one season.

1987 - Theatre "BOUNCERS"

As part of a cast of 4 actors, Adrian appeared in this off-Broadway production of an improvisational comedy set in a nightclub. Between them the actors portrayed 30 different roles from the bouncers at the door to the lost youth who crowded into the club.

1988 - Movie "LAST RITES"

Starring Tom Berenger, Adrian appeared as Tony, a Mafia bodyguard cum hitman, who was hunting the witness of a Mafia killing. Adrian's character died chasing Berenger's character on a winding mountain road in Mexico when his car collided with an oncoming truck.
1988 - TV Movie "SHOOTER"
This was the true life story of a photographer in the Vietnam War, and was originally a pilot for a new TV series. Adrian played an Australian cameraman, who started to go off the deep end when one of his fellow reporters overstepped the boundaries of common sense and nearly got them all killed.

Appeared in 'Ashes, Ashes' (Episode #25) portraying the role of Dimitri, a Russian sailor who jumped ship in search of his loved one. Unfortunately, he didn't know he had plague, and died about 25 minutes into the episode.


Played Billy James, a choreographer of a dance school, who despised the leader of the local gang, but in truth was envious of his freestyle dance ability.


Starred as 'Prospero' in this story of a ruler who lived in fear of the plague and tried to escape its clutches by locking himself and his peers in his castle.

1989 - Music Video "DAYS LIKE THIS"

Sheena Easton music video in which Adrian plays Sheena's love interest.

1989-90 - TV Series "WAR OF THE WORLDS"

Adrian appeared in the second and final season as John Kincaid, a guerrilla-style fighter, who battled against the aliens that have invaded the earth. His character was a replacement for a much loved character, Ironhorse.

1990-91 - TV Series "MURDER SHE WROTE"

Appeared in the episode "Danse Diabolique." He portrayed Edward Hale, a ballet dancer and choreographer, who, as we eventually find out, was the murderer.

1991 - TV Series "DARK SHADOWS"

A cult series in the '60s, this show was remade with some of the original cast reprising their roles. Adrian appeared in three episodes in a 1790's flashback sequence as Jeremiah Collins, younger brother of Barnabas, who was played by Ben Cross of "Chariots of Fire" fame.

1991 - TV Pilot "THE OWL"
Played the title role in this feature length episode as Alex (The Owl), a mysterious vigilante who never sleeps. His services are employed by a little girl looking for her missing father.
1992 - TV Movie "LOVE POTION N0. 9"

Adrian played Enrico Pazzoli, an Italian car company owner who fell hopelessly in love with Sandra Bullock after he smelled her magic perfume. Although on screen for only 7 minutes, his portrayal was very funny.

1992 - TV Series "HIGHLANDER"

Adrian plays Duncan MacLeod, a 400-year-old immortal, who battles other immortals in search of The Prize. The first episode saw Connor MacLeod, played by Christopher Lambert, re-introducing Duncan back into The Game. Now in its fifth season, the show has built a cult status of its own with its mixture of danger, intrigue, history, romance, and humor.


A USA cable network original TV Movie in which Adrian plays Patrice, a high-fashion photographer, whose life changes when his models on a fashion shoot are slowly murdered one by one. Also starred Lee Majors ("Six Million Dollar Man") and Jennifer O'Neill.

1996 - Movie "DEAD MEN CAN'T DANCE", formerly "DMZ", formerly "RANGERS"

Shot completely on location in the Philippines, Adrian portrays 'Shooter' (not to be confused with his earlier film), a CIA operative in a special training unit based in Korea. Co-stars are Michael Biehn of "Terminator" fame and Katherine York.

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