Here   is   Pertinant   Info   on   my   hunny..LOL

Full Name: Matthew David McConaughey
Height: 5'11"
Pet: dog, "Miss Hudd"
BirthPalce: Uvlade, Texas
Born: November 4, 1969
Raised: Longview, Texas
School: Univ. of Texas at Austin
Family: Mother, 2 Brothers
Status; Single *VBG*
Sport: Golf
Fast Food: Sonic Burgers
Resides: Malibu, CA
Filthy Habit: Chews Tobacca
BusinessPartner: Todd Gustawes
Owns: J.K.Livin' Productions

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Thanx for droppin' in to see my Boyfriend..I told ya he was the SEXIEST man ALIVE!!!

I bet you were intrigued to see who my boyfirend was..LOL...So do you like*VBG*..I know I do..LOL.. I just wanted to have some fun with this page..LOL So I thought that I would say he was my boyfriend..a woman can dream can't she..LOL This page is currently underconstruction, but if you have a Matthew page feel free to join the web ring *VBG*

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